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  • 05/11/2013

Latest Fashion and Event Management

Eventoxs Event Management always informs you about the latest things happen in the Event fashion industry.

If we talk about fashion, then it doesn’t means that only clothes and dress. Fashion is quality uniqueness which can be anywhere in any field. Today I discuss about fashion in the Event management industry in Pakistan.

Fashion is changing and changing is good, if the quality and ideas involved in it. Following are the major point we discuss today regarding event management.

  • Fashion in Wedding events
  • New Fashion and Decoration
  • Current Fashion in Events
  • Theme Concept

Fashion in weddings

Fashion always changing and weddings are the most common event where fashions are being adopted from one to another. As technology changing wedding events are being more colorful and eye catching and event management industry is updating. Dresses, Stage, hall decoration and lighting are the most common factor involve today in event management fashion. If we talk about dresses in the current fashion, we get to know that friends, brothers and sister used to wear a theme colour which creates grace and uniqueness in the events.

New Fashion and Decoration

Decoration are being changing, although in Pakistan its process is slow however in different other country it’s being changed. Event management companies are using new fashionable items for decoration. People are moving their mind on crystal and drapes, where fresh flower usage is minimum. I think in coming year most of the decoration goes to the crystal and artificial items by recognize the interest of event management and decoration companies. Here I would like to say that the grace of fresh flower cannot compete by artificial items.

Current Fashion in Events

Now a day’s Marquee culture is very popular in twin city (Islamabad / Rawalpindi) for wedding and other event venues. Marquees are most reliable than canopies and darras, so event management companies recommend marquees. Marquee is good for making customize theme through light. But some people do like open air functions on different events. People like to book open air function for creating a relaxing environment on their event. They also preferred the location where view will be good and green grass on floor. It will give a dramatic beautiful look to the event when a beautiful fresh flower Stage and decoration are being made in such event.

Theme Concept

A culture of theme in wedding is very popular and now a day its fashion is on peek. All event management companies are being known by their theme arrangements. What is theme concept in wedding events? Actually as technology changed, need and requirement also changed. Theme concept in event is basically colours which create beautiful environment and for tremendous feeling. Event management companies use thneme colours to applies on Bride and Grooms Dresses, on hall/venue lighting, drapes in the venue, stage, fresh flower decoration, entrance decoration on musical lighting system. Theme colours changed the environment which make amazing and beautiful atmosphere.

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