Sound System For Events (Branded and Local) Pakistan

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  • 15/11/2015

Sound system in any event is very essential. Sound system stability and the clearance in voice quality depend upon the two major things. Manufacturer of Sound system and Operator/Dj’s.

Sound system Manufacturers

In Pakistan there are lots of qualities in sound system. Cheap sound systems are manufactured in markets which are well known as desi or local sound systems. Imported and branded sound systems are also used and their quality depends upon the brand of the sound systems.

Local Sound Systems:

Local Sound systems are manufactured in different electronic market of every popular city of Pakistan. These sound systems are good to full fill the requirements of cheap events/functions. Its prices are very low and the local manufacturers also give the warranty to buy for these sound systems. They repair the sound system if the buyers get any issue in these sound systems. Rent price of local or desi sound systems are very cheap then the branded sound systems. Quality and the Clearness in the sound are good but it can’t match the quality of branded sound system, which is very high. Manufacturer of local sound systems puts the logo of different branded companies in these sound systems which give ethically very bad impression of our country. You can view the Picture of Local/Desi Sound system.

Branded / Imported Sound Systems:

Branded Sound systems are made by the original companies in different countries of the word. Every description and the quality of sound are mentioned in branded sound systems. These branded sound systems are used by only professional’s operator in our country. Voice and music quality is very good and match the international standards. Price of branded sound systems are almost 4 times high then the local sound systems. There rent is also high then local sound system. It’s almost impossible for buyer to claim the warranty if there is any fault occurred in the sound system because manufacturer are not paying the transportation charges which is very high from our country.

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