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Wedding Lighting Decoration

Lighting is the major part of any wedding in Pakistan. People used to hire wedding home lighting decoration in Pakistan for 4 to 10 days. It give the massage and sings of happiness to all viewers. Now a day’s home lighting decoration technology is very advanced, there are a lot of latest items in the lighting are available which make you event beautiful.

Border Wedding Lighting Decoration

Border Wedding Lighting Decoration
Border wedding home lighting decoration are generally used when peoples want that the house own beauty will be prominent to view. So lights will be adjusted on the borders and any color shade will be given to the house to make it more prominent.

Bulb Home Lighting Decoration
Bulb home lighting decor is used for high light in home decoration. It’s very reliable in the weather changing conditions. It’s give very elegant look to wedding home. Generally it is available in yellow and green colors.

Jugno Wedding lighting Decoration
Jugno home lighting decoration is a low voltage lights which will be installed with border wedding home lighting decoration. These lights are complicated to install but the beauty of the light is very attractive for anyone. Jugno home lighting decoration are also used for different decoration items in the wedding.

Multiple Colour Wedding Lighting Decor
Multiple color wedding lighting are the combination of both bulb home lighting and jugno wedding lighting decoration. It’s used on the demand of the clients. Some clients need that the house will look in the multi-color on the wedding day.

Shade and Projection Wedding Lighting Decor
Shade are available in different colors on wedding lighting decoration. These shade glow the wedding houses and make it prominent. Now a day’s projection technology also comes to the wedding lighting decoration. It will not only give shade but also project any digital video on it. But projection technology is too high in budget.

Canopy Wedding Lighting Decoration
In Canopy wedding home lighting decoration we use lights canopy in the lawns and on homes which makes the lighting roof and give very beautiful effect to view.

Home Lighting Decor Safety
Home lighting work is an electric work which always needs safety. Eventoxs event management provide safety manager which analyze the whole lighting system and implement all safety rules on the full network. It is recommend to always use professional services on decor.


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Event Management Mehndi Stage Decoration Wedding Planner Pakistan

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

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