Stage Decoration

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Stage Decoration in Pakistan

Stage is the focal point of any event, so it’s very important. These major steps are involved.

Purpose of the Event

Purpose of the event in decoration is tell us the purpose and it give us the way where we go the next. For Example if the function is about mehndi stage event. We will know that the stage is about yellow flowers and it need some cultural touch.

Stage Design

Stage Design of the stage can be selected by the portfolio of the vendors but all professional and experts always prefer to have a new design for all functions. It makes creativity in the mehndi stage and other functions. It also shows the uniqueness. Eventoxs have a designers who designs latest stages according to demand of the customers


After selecting design it’s important to know that what things are used for making it. If the design is common or used from portfolio, its arrangement will be easy and all items will be easily arranged. But if you make a customize design than you must have to know that it will be expensive and it should take very hard work for decorator or designer to provide you all items as described.

Stage Budget

Stage Decoration budget is very simple, If your design is common than stage budget will be low and if you want uniqueness your budget will increase. General items involve in the stage budgeting of wedding and mehndi stage decoration are following:

  • Flower Prices
  • Setup Prices
  • Floor Prices
  • Sofa / Lounges Prices
  • Lighting and Electronic works
  • Carriage to the venue
  • Color of Stage

    Stage Color must be in the contrast of the host dresses because it will show him/her more prominent and colorful. Normal colors in wedding functions are Yellow, white, pink, red and purple.

    Mayon Stage Decoration

    Mayon is the home event so small stages are very popular in mayon stage decoration. Ganda and Rose are mostly used in mayon stage decoration. General stage budget of mayon stage is more than Rs: 20,000. In mayon stage we can use lighting and other items for making it more beautiful.

    Mehndi Stage Decoration

    Mehndi stage decoration is the most popular focal point in any wedding. Gandha and red rose are commonly used mehndi stage decoration. Generally mehndi stage decoration stage budget starts from Rs: 30,000

    Wallima and Wedding Stage Decoration

    These are the elegant functions of the weddings stage decor. People generally prefer elegant and royal type wedding stage decoration on wedding and wallima.


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Event Management Mehndi Stage Decoration Wedding Planner Pakistan

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

event management stage decoration mehndi stage wedding planner

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